I must confess I’ve tricked you. You probably think this is about every boot you MUST have this season. Negative, Ghost Rider. It’s about re-booting your shoerobe without buying poor quality at three hundred bucks.

Yep, you heard me right: Poor quality at three hundred dollars. It’s actually becoming the norm which is just shocking. In a world where Hermes ups their prices more than the MTA, it’s shocking that it’s happening at entry level fashion. It’s also happening with certain luxury brands as well that are trying to distance themselves from the “riff-raff.” Yes, I’m talking directly to you, Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton has claimed they’ve made themselves too “common,” and not just anybody should be able to carry their purses and products. They are raising their prices without upping the quality in which the product is made. Well, I find that amusing since Louis Vuitton offers wallets at a price point starting at the low $400 mark; and that price point is what moves and pays the bills at LV. Riff-Raff’s, rejoice!


I used to be obsessed with bags and would burn through inexpensive bags by the month. Those bags are $100 plus dollars. I didn’t give it a second thought because, hey, it was a hundred bucks: I got what I paid for. Then I wised up.

After I was generously gifted a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, it was like the sea parted and my world changed. This bag was around $400 and is still in my closet. The leather is softer and the color is still as rich as when I received it. How is this even possible?! It’s because it’s made with quality. I don’t see Marc Jacobs raising his prices and keeping his quality at the same level to get rid of the riff-raff. It is possible to afford his bags after a year of saving and to splurge on a quality piece. Also, Marc by Marc Jacobs is his entry level label, and it’s made impeccably. If you don’t have one of his bags, just punch yourself in the face.

Now, shoes are in their own universe just as they should be.

My closet used to be a sea of Aldo, Guess, and anything I could find at DSW.

I had so many at one point I couldn’t even see the closet. It was just shoes everywhere. Now this is not a problem I’m complaining about…if this was seven years ago when non-premium designers were amazing for their price point. Now I’m not delusional: I realize when I say “amazing” in reference to those brands I sound like I’ve been pounding back the champagne since 7 am.

I have not. I say that because not even a decade ago you were able to buy shoes at a very reasonable price point, and they would be great for what you bought; they would generally last a year or maybe even more.

Flash forward to the age of Taylor Swift who wasn’t even on our radar when shoes were affordable. Now I walk by an Aldo, and I’m just shocked at the shit product being produced for $150. Even the smell of those kinds of stores makes my stomach turn. It’s not even leather anymore: It’s pleather, and it’s more expensive.

Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK.  People should be able to wear a great shoe at a great price point. Stop buying shit shoes once a month and  you can have a Sophia Webster,  Brian Atwood, Tamara Mellon, Louboutin (yes you can), Manolo, or Choo.

You can buy some of the best shoe designers out there. You can have an amazing handmade product that comes from Italy and sources some of the best leather. Splurge on a classic Louboutin pump starting around $650 that you’ll wear forever (or as long as your feet will allow), or try the Manolo B and B pump starting in the high $500′s: They will last season after season. It’s a quality you will feel the moment you slip your foot into that shoe. So why are we still supporting shitty shoes at inflated price points? Because deep down we judge people in ugly, cheap shoes.

Boots are tricky.Boots are expensive.

Yet we never think twice about investing in a boot that will last season after season. The issue now is cheaply made boots are in the low $200-$350 price point. Some high heels are, too! It’s as if someone has gone into my shoe closet and taken my solemates all while I stand by and let this happen.

When someone I know wears cheaply made shoes and asks what I think of them, I find myself word vomitting all over them. Instead of side eyeing them, kicking them in the neck, and telling them, “What the hell were you thinking?!”  I give a tight-lipped smile, and say, “Wow, so good.”

I urge you from the bottom of my sole to stop buying a $350 boot that isn’t a Frye product, and save for quality that will last. I urge you to walk away from the Just Fab and Aldo’s out there, and treat yourself to your version of a ruby red slipper. I’ll buy you the champagne when you want to celebrate a shoe victory.



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