Oscar Snooze

Oscar Snooze

I realize this post is coming a day after the Oscars, but it’s because I’ve just woken up from the coma the fashion put me in. Was anyone else shockingly underwhelmed by the fashion? I mean come on it’s the OSCARS! The fashion felt very safe, and dare I say off the rack? I mean that in the general sense that nothing was jaw dropping, kick me in the face with excitement. Does anyone remember Kate Hudson last year? Anyone?! That’s how you dress for the Oscars. Nothing made me envious of the rich and famous this year… other than their shoes.

Ok I just lied five ladies did but I didn’t really get to see them that much thanks to E!

I generally love, Love, LOVE  E! Red carpet fashion that lasts for three hours before the show, but this year I was so bored I decided to finish 50 Shades of Grey during it. I get it Kelly Osbourne it was raining and your hair was wet, but then you join Khloe Kardashian, and Guiliani looking like you just stepped out of a magazine. Why was that even part of the Red Carpet special?! Wait a second, why do I care what people, who are not nominated for an Oscar, and are not actresses wearing?!  Oh it’s because that’s all E! concentrated on. Kick rocks with your $1,300 Louboutins please.

There were a few ladies who definitely nailed it on the Red Carpet.

1. Naomi Watts. I literally screamed when I saw her. A racer back at the Oscars! Yes! At least someone took a risk. Her Armani Prive dress, and Rupert Sanderson shoes showed up like an A lister should.

2. Rosamund Pike. Who doesn’t love a little red? She matched her Givenchy Haute Couture dress to her red strappy sandals that made quite the statement. I would expect nothing less from Amazing Amy.

3. Dakota Johnson made a statement in red Saint Laurent dress with a bold silver strap. The cut was stunning. She looked sleek, and beautiful. Plus the slit in the leg gave us a glimpse at her Bally shoes.

4. Jennifer Aniston. It’s no secret I just love her. I love that she didn’t wear black, but even if she did she would’ve been stunning as usual. She wore  Stuart Weitzman ‘Nudist’ sandals, and a stunning nude colored Versace dress that made my jaw drop. She shut it down.

5. Emma Stone. If someone says to me they don’t like Emma Stone we break up right then and there. I adore her. She paired her Louboutins with a stunning Elie Saab gown. She channeled old Hollywood glamour and did not disappoint at all.


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