Neutral Color

Neutral Color

Living in a city like New York it’s easy to build a wardrobe that consists of all black. The one thing I’ve never built into my wardrobe is black shoes. I have three pairs of black shoes. That’s it. That’s enough. I always find myself wondering why people don’t gravitate to a colored pump. For me it’s a neutral. Being in shoe sales on a daily basis, and working with clients it’s amazing how much they’re willing to spend on just a simple black pump that they’re bored with. Shoes are supposed to be fun. You shouldn’t be handing over your credit card for over $300 going blah. Brian Atwood is always saying, “Leopard IS a neutral”. It’s hard for me to disagree with that man. I love leopard print. I understand if it’s a bit shocking to the system to start with a leopard pump, so let’s get our feet with some other neutral shoes.


Jimmy Choo ‘Anouk’ Pump in a delicious green snake skin. Am I the only one who didn’t get the memo that people don’t buy green shoes? I mean pair this with a LBD/LWD, pencil skirt, pant suit, and you just took your look to a whole new level.

Paul Andrew ‘Chrysler’ Pump. Ok, if you must add a black pump into your wardrobe, and least add one with some WOW factor. It makes you say, “WOW, I’d sell my first born to get my feet into these.”

SJP ‘Fawn’ pumps in a turquoise satin. This is just a pump you must have for life. Going to get coffee, running errands, brunch, girls night out. The color also reminds me of Tiffany & Co blue, which is just every girls favorite blue. Also the perfect height 100mm heel, it’s like walking in a flat.


SJP ‘Naomi’ in Poison. Who doesn’t want a ruby red slipper? This color will definitely take you back down memory lane of yellow brick roads, and what started it all. Two women fighting to the death for SHOES.

Brian Atwood ‘Aretha’ in Leopard. Be daring, be adventurous that’s what shoes are all about. This shoe will be the focal point of your outfit so keep the rest very minimal, and enjoy the work of art that is this shoe.



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