About Me

Hi I’m Heather and I have an addiction…Shoes. I always have and always will. About five years ago I had a very vague concept of an online shoe website. Since then the concept has evolved and changed into something that I love, and am constantly striving to make better, and better. As I’ve become more, and more of a shoe snob I thought why not share this? Why not be able to wear trends, classic styles, ¬†trendy styles you’d never wear more than once without emptying your bank account. I have always dressed from the feet up, and let me tell you why…I’ve been saying for years, “You can walk into a room naked, and with the right shoes no one will notice”. I’m constantly looking and reading about shoes, new trends, old trends, and the trends that are still around for the next season. Also classic styles that never get old. ¬†Any one who knows me knows my sole belongs to Mr. Atwood. Mr. Brian Atwood. Every one has their number one shoe designer, and he is my one true love. This blog is an extension of my sole to yours.


About Just Soles:

Just Soles is a place where you can go to either sell a pair of shoes you never wear, buy a pair you’ve been shoe stalking, or be able to rent a pair of shoes you can’t justify buying! It’s super easy and you never have to pay a membership to list an item, or multiple items. Imagine finding those Louboutins you didn’t buy two years ago, and now you can wear them to that special event you’re going to without breaking the bank. Or imagine getting to cash in at half the cost on those pair of Jimmy Choo’s that someone is selling, because they’re just a half a size to small. With your choice of shipping, easy to understand return policies, easy payment options, your soles will never get tired of the same look anymore!