Shoe-mmelier: An educated shoe and wine fanatic.  Not an “a-hole”

The cat is out of the bag. I love shoes. I love wine.  After Jimmy Fallon did a segment on his show about how a sommelier was defined I couldn’t stop laughing at the “an a-hole” definition. It was clearly a joke, but for people who are actual sommeliers who have studied hours upon hours, and paid thousands of dollars to educate themselves I don’t think they were laughing.  Somms can get a bad rap when all they’re trying to do is share their love of wine, and help you make the right vino choice. Shoe lovers can get a bad rap for being snobs, or being stuck up when all we’re trying to do is share our love of shoes. Shoes and wine are two of the biggest money makers in their industries. As well they should be. Nothing is better than opening a phenomenal bottle of chilled Ruinhart Rose while your stilettos are causing you to reach the heights of Kate Upton.

The Claw Heel: It was created by Walter Steiger and it is a statement heel. LITERALLY.

It’s so popular now even LV has gotten a leg up on the design and is using the claw heel for their new Spring/Summer ’15 line.

The Claw Hand: It’s what happens when you’ve opened to many great bottles of wine and just can’t stop drinking this delicious juice.

What I would use to protect my wine if there was ever any left.

Shoe lovers and wine lovers often have the same reaction to things that should NOT be in a “shoe” category or a “wine” category.



Don’t expect amazing shoes, or wine to be cheap.

Boxed Wine: This is amazing…said no one ever.

Fake Louboutins: Shoe plagiarism at it’s largest.


Sample Sale: Taking care of business.

Shoe lovers can buy a ridiculous pair of authentic Choos for themselves, and for their friends to.

Wine Shakes: EMERGENCY.

A somm will recognize this cry for help and will forgive your wine choices.

They will see your state of emergency and suggest you need more than one bottle of pinot gris. They will tell you all about why you need this life changing magnum of rare wine that was made while you were being born.  One sip and that somm will be your new best friend.

Shoe Style: Reading about the newest trends, and must haves.

Therefor we shoe experts have helped your shoe style. We picked out your newest pair of strappy sandals in the seasons must have color whether you knew it or not.


You come out strutting like this in those must have heels.

You’ve never heard of a cabernet called ‘Revana’? Somm to the rescue. It’s named after Dr. Revana who makes a very small allocation every year. He was a doctor, but his true passion was always wine. We happen to be one of the only restaurants in the country that has him by the bottle. It’s a winegasam in a glass.

We are here to help. We aren’t arrogant or a-holes. Instead we have a refined eye, and palate for products we love to wear and drink. So next time you wear your fabulous heels, and sip exquisite wine know we just want you to wear and drink the best.








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  1. Kimberly Gagne - November 19, 2014

    So if I am sipping on ’96 Krug, what do you recommend I put on my feet?

    • Heather Holt - November 20, 2014

      Two Choices. Something very classic. A Manolo B and B pump is always a great classic. Or you can go sparkly with bubbles. Jimmy Choo ‘Vamp’ is a great choice or do a Sergio Rossi ‘Mermaid’ heel.

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